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Coding Your Company Culture

Major software decisions branch off early in one of two directions: a ready-made platform, or a custom-made system. The challenge of custom software—working with developers, for example—is familiar to many owners and directors. And “developing custom software” just sounds like work. Instant functionality and prefab communities of lookalike users are other key selling points for more than 5,000 sales and marketing platforms currently available to license. In this platform-happy landscape, why does anyone choose custom software? One big reason trending now is the staggering cost, both in dollars and productivity, of unused features and functions of ready-made, cloud-based platforms. For its benchmark study, The Real Cost of Unused Software, endpoint management firm 1E analyzed the usage patterns of 1,800 software titles and 3.6 million licensed seats in 129 companies across four major industries. The results weren’t encouraging. According to the 1E report, “On average, companies are wasting 37% of their software spend —a…

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