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Cloning Your Best Practices Part 1: Data and Control

“Feature creep” and data accessibility continue to vex the big CRM and CMS platforms. In its report The State of Engagement, top marketing automation firm Marketo and researchers at Illuminas found alarming levels of user frustration with current SaaS solutions, saying: “Marketers are dissatisfied with the tools available to them to accomplish [sales and marketing] tasks, with nearly half (48%) citing this as their number one barrier to effective engagement.”   Let that sink in: About half of all users in a reliable survey said existing online tools are “their number one barrier to effective engagement.” The irony is striking. It certainly questions the 10-year Gold Rush to license seats from dozens of vendors—many now defunct. As the novelty wears off, why are so many people (and companies) unhappy with their cloud platforms? In a word, control. Or lack of it, to be precise. The baffling UX and high price…

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